Here I want to show you some information about how some media bases likes to have the images. But to be honest, nearly every media base has there own requirenment list so it is impossible to write down every item of these lists. In my case the following specifications worked for me and the media base I worked with so maybe it also will work for yours. Nevertheless it is a good first impression of how to make such images.

Size / Resolution

  • Minimal 15 cm at the longest site of the object, equals 1772 pixels at
  • 300 dpi resolution

Color Space

  • Webfiles: ECI RGB v2, sRGB
  • Logos: CMYK (for prints)

File Format

  • TIFF (.tif/.tiff): LZW compression (sometimes none), only one layer, no alpha channels
  • JPEG(.jpeg/.jpg): maximal quality (Photoshop Level 12 with Base Line) included clipping path
  • EPS (.eps) AI (.ai): texts must be converted to paths, pictures have to be embedded, JPG compression with maximal quality (Photoshop Level 12 with Base Line)

Cutout (Clipping Path)

  • Only one path for the cutout
  • The path has to be slightly inside the object (1-3 pixels)
  • Don't create the path from a selection!
  • Maximal 10.000 path points
  • Path must be closed
  • The created path must be set as a cutout path (Path name gets bold, in older version of PS it gets italic)

File Name

  • The filename must contain the GTIN (EAN) code.

Image Quality

  • No distortion e.g. wide angle shot, Moiré
  • If the object is transparent, use a neutral background
  • Optimal image sharpness
  • No pixel spots

Photoshop Information

  • Change resolution to 300 DPI without recalculation (CTRL + ALT + I)
  • Retouch the object
  • Insert a empty white layer behind the object layer
  • Draw path excatly around the object
  • Make selection from path
  • Invert selection and delete everything around of the object
  • Scale the path to approx 99,95% (CTRL + T)
  • Move some path point so the path stays inside the object
  • Choose this path as the cutout path
  • Make a new layer from all visible layers (CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + E)
  • Now make some sharpening of the image if needed (e.g. highpass sharpening)
  • Use crop tool to crop image to a square (1:1)


Thats it now you should have a reasonable image of your product.

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