What is WebGetter? - It is a simple GUI frontend for the legendary tool "wget".
What you need is an actuall wget version which you can get at the wget page and of course the WebGetter frontend.
Download the newest wget version and its according dll-files and copy it into the "wget_appl" directory in your WebGetter Directory.

Application Webgetter

Here you can see the whole frontend in its simple beauty :)!
You can save your option settings under  the tab: File->Save or File->Save as. According to this you can load your option settings under: File->open
This helpfile you will find in your program directory oder if you click: Help->Help topics

When you look at the frontend you will maybe notice, that not every parameter which wget has is included in this frontend, so if you need special parameters you can add this at the extended option line.

Download WebGetter 32bit for Windows


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