How you get a terrain 3d printed?

There are different ways you can find on the internet. I will explain my way in a short description.

First of all you can use to get your terrain converted into a stl file.

This is a very usefull tool to get very easily a stl file from a individual terrain like the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest.

But if you have a terrain which is quite flat, the created 3d model doesn't look realy nice.


When you have got your stl file from terrain2stl import it into Meshlab.

Meshlab Terrain Flat

As you can see the structure of the terrain is realy flat.

Goto Filters/Normals, Curvatures and Orientation/Transform: Scale

and scale it only into the z axis about a factor of 2-3.

As you can see the terrain looks much nicer now.

Meshlab Terrain z Scaled

Now you have to cut a little bit of the bottom. You can do this directly with Meshlab but I use Sketchup for this.

So save the mesh as a collada *.dae file and import it into Sketchup.

Then split the model into parts and remove a bit of the bottom.

It will look like that.

 Sketchup Terrain Finished

Now you can export it as a *.stl file and load it into your favourite slicer.

Thats it, enjoy your self printed terrain model.



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