After years of developing the install- and build-processes in ROS have changed a bit. So here I want to explain how you can easily install Ubuntu and ROS on your Raspberry PI 3+. If you want to use a desktop on your RPi it is necessary to use a swap file to extend the 1GB memory. This will increase the aging process of your SD-card in a significant way!

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How to switch on and off your 3d printer with your Raspberry Pi

There are several methods how to switch your printer on and off with your Raspberry Pi. I picked out 3 of them.

  • 433MHz transmitter connected to one GPIO pin to control wireless power sockets
  • Relay modul connected to GPIO pins, for each relay one GPIO pin, selfmade main voltage wiring
  • TCP/IP based power switch sockets

 A simple solution is to use a 433Mhz transmitter to control these cheap wireless power sockets. You don't have to handle around with main voltage wires and other dangerous things. You can just connect the small module to your RPi and download a ready to build tool which does all the work for you. But in this situation it can be possible that your neighbour or some script-kiddies switch on or off your printer and may cause damage to your printer, your flat/house or your life.

 This will not happen if you use a relay module which is directly connected to your RPi. But therefore you have to do all of the connections for the main voltage by yourself and that should only be done by people who know what they are doing! You will risk your life and also your insurance coverage!

 The savest way will be to use a TCP/IP based wireless power socket. You don't have to do any wiring and don't have to be afraid of neighbours or script-kiddies. But I don't own one of these so you will find no more information about these kind of sockets in this article.

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Smoke detector to shutdown 3D printer

In this article I will describe a simple solution to shutdown a 3D printer in case off a malfunction when something produces smoke, like a broken cable or some faulty heating components. For this case I will use a cheap standard smoke detector you can get for 5€ in the next shop.

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Setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi for multiple printers

OctoPrint for multiple printers and webcams

In this article I will describe how to setup OctoPrint based on OctoPi on a Raspberry Pi 3 for multiple printers. For every printer a seperate OctoPrint instance with a different port must be started. If you want to use more than one webcam, you also have to start seperate instances of MJPG-Streamer for each webcam. I have also added a link to another article where I give a short overview about how you can switch on and off your printers with the use of a n-channel relay module. First we set up OctoPrint for just one printer and after that works, for multiple printers and webcams.

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In this category you can find information about 3D Modeling of object, about the 3D Reconstruction of real object with a process called photogrammetry and of course information about 3D printing.

I will not list to much informations about 3d printing here because in the largest 3d printing forum: and the german 3D printer forum: all important information can be found

Some basic information and tips I will still post here. 

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